From manufacturing to assembly, small-scale
productions to large-scale productions,
we facilitate the process of bringing products
to market quickly and efficiently.

A key component of our success has been positioning ourselves as a complete, one-stop shop for skin care, hair care, and dietary supplement production services.

What We Offer

Third-Party Logistics

At MM, Inc., we are happy to do the heavy lifting and perform all necessary fulfillment and logistics tasks. Accurate and timely distribution of products is what is most important to us.


A complex process comprised of a number of stages, manufacturing requires careful testing to ensure optimal compliance. MM, Inc. has refined this process with qualified standards and specialized equipment.

Bottle Filling

Product presentation is key to establishing an effective brand identity. That’s why we create labels that are designed to attract consumers’ attention from the very first glance.


We’ve fine-tuned our picking and packing process, enabling us to get ahead and stay on top of our order fulfillment.


We’ve blended high-speed assembly with expert oversight to ensure you get more product, faster.

Warehouse & Storage

To protect the integrity of the materials and promote consistency, our finished products are stored in environmentally controlled conditions.


At MM, Inc., every product is formulated without compromise. Building on our decades of collective expertise, we develop innovative formulations made for those who expect the best from their health and wellness products.

Research & Development

MM, Inc. is staffed by a network of scientists, laboratory professionals, and chemists dedicated to researching and developing our newest proprietary formulations and world-class products.

CBD Products & More

We believe that high quality starts long before the raw goods reach our facility, which is why we are committed to building industry standards, and establishing legal accessibility for MM, Inc. CBD products worldwide.

Our team of formulators work tirelessly to determine the extract needed to reach maximum potency and increase the delivery of CBD for more efficient absorption in the form of:
  • Lotions applied topically to the skin hold a variety of moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.
  • Shampoo sets the foundation for any hair care routine, which is why our line is designed to promote healthy hair from the start.
  • Creams have a smooth, soft consistency and are an ideal staple for any beauty regimen.